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New Patient Information:
The letters below are in pdf format and are downloadable and printable.    Please use this resource to prepare yourself for your appointment.  We no longer ask patients to complete forms.  Please remember that any child (under the age of 18) not accompanied by a parent/guardian must bring signed permission to treat along with insurance cards, all medical information regarding the reason for appointment and any copay/coinsurance/personal account balances. The letter is for your information only.  Call our office if you have any questions.

Please remember our office is closed on Fridays.

Edward F. Kent Jr., MD:
New Patient Letter

New Venom Patient Letter

Elizabeth F. Jaffe, M.D., Ph.D:
New Patient Letter

New Venom Patient Letter

Mark Lazarovich, M.D:
New Patient Letter

New Venom Patient Letter

Other Forms: Please call our office regarding other forms:  We will need a release signed by the parent/guardian before we can release any information to schools and/or camps.

  • School - please allow 10-14 days to be completed
  • Albuterol with activity
  • Keep medication on person    
  • Athletics/PhysEd
  • Food  Allergy
  • Emergency treatment
  • Airline travel
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